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Together with our core business of manufacturing polystyrene patterns for the automotive industry, we also manufacture exact replicas of, for example, polystyrene cartoon characters, scaled up or down versions of products for special promotions, polystyrene sculptures for marketing purposes, product launches, exhibition displays, film and television props and advertising features. We also produce polystyrene blow mouldings for point of display items for promotions and advertising campaigns.
Below are examples of Bakers Patterns' typical work. We can make almost anything in polystyrene, to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us or alternatively call us on +44 (0) 1952 216165.
2m tall mountain

A 2m tall mountain made from carved and painted polystyrene to represent the diverse terrain that potatoes can grow in.

Customer: SCRI
The 2007 Brit Awards window display Mini for HMV Megastores.

Material: CNC cut polystyrene. Acrylic paint.
Body partsBody parts
3x full size face and hand for a sculpture of a famous supermodel.

Material: CNC cut BM5108 polyurethane board. Scanning of original maquettes by rapido3d (www.rapido3d.co.uk)
Polystyrene HMV Nipper The Dog modelPolystyrene HMV Nipper The Dog model
HMV 'Nipper The Dog' model
1metre tall models of the famous HMV 'Nipper' dog used in 2006 Christmas advertising campaign. Featured in the window displays at Bond Street and Oxford Circus HMV Megastores. Created from a STL file output from Autodesk Maya animation software.

Material: CNC cut polystyrene. Acrylic paint
Danone Heart Car
This polystyrene model of a car, made by Bakers Patterns, is the Danone Heart Car as featured in the latest Danone TV adverts.
Polystyrene Danone Heart CarPolystyrene Danone Heart Car
Danone Heart CarDanone Heart CarDanone Heart Car
Birds Eye TV advert pea carBirds Eye TV commercial pea car polysytyrene mouldPolystyrene Pea Car
This pea car can be seen in the latest Birds Eye pea commercial on TV. Bakers Patterns made the polystyrene model shown here and a fibreglass mould was taken from it to produce the shell of the pea car.
Audi A6 'splash' Model
¼ scale Audi A6 'splash' Model
As featured in the Audi-Patents TV commercial for the A6. The model was dropped into a tank of water to create a true splash pattern. A 'real' car was then superimposed using CGI techniques.

Material: BM5025 model board
Polystyrene MannequinPolystyrene Mannequin
This life size mannequin was produced from a STL file after the actor had first been laser scanned. Used as a dummy for producing prosthetic appliances and make-up for a character in the Dr.Who TV series.

Material: CNC cut Polystyrene
Polystyrene contemporary sofaPolystyrene contemporary sofa and table
This polystyrene sofa and table (aquatable) were part of a contemporary furniture collection and was made for a London based furniture manufacturer. They were launching a brand new furniture range where each piece was designed, manufactured and built in Britain and they asked Bakers to produce a polystyrene model of the sofa and table. The end use was for the client to take fibre glass moulds from the polystyrene models to make the production items.
Polystyrene aquatable by Bakers - side viewPolystyrene aquatable by Bakers - front view
Polystyrene gravestone mockupPolystyrene gravestone mockup Polystyrene gravestone models
We can produce almost anything in polystyrene at Bakers using our range of advanced milling machines and our clients requested these polystyrene, visual mockups of a gravestones.

The designers wanted a 3D models so that their customers could see that the design, coherence and balance was esthetically pleasing before committing to the final productions in stone.
The far right gravestone above was produced for Bexley Council Road Safety Campaign and painted to resemble a granite gravestone.
A 4 metre tall door made from polystyrenePolystyrene 4 metre tall door

Tall sculptured polystyrene door
Bakers Patterns made this 4 metre tall, polystyrene sculptured door for a client in Dublin. It will be installed in the clients clothes shop in Dublin's town centre.
The door will be clad in fibreglass and painted to complement the shop's existing colour schemes.

(Click on individual door images to enlarge)
A polystyrene boat hull made for a boat yard
A polystyrene boat hull is far quicker and more cost effective for both low and high volumes than the traditional method of hand making a wooden buck (boat hull). The polystyrene material is also significantly cheaper than typical model boards.
Polystyrene boat deckIn this project, after Bakers Patterns completed the polystyrene boat hull and machined the boat deck, the boat yard then coated the hull with a epoxy resin which they hand finished to a smooth surface, they could then take a fibre glass mould to enable finished boats to be produced.
After the Naval Architects have finished their design stage, Bakers Patterns can organise CAD where required prior to producing the polystyrene model.

(Click on boat deck to enlarge)
Polystyrene boat hullBoat hull side viewFinished boat hull
1/70th scale models in polystyreneMade in 2 halves to wall mount The Marsyas
The Marsyas images shown here are 1/70th scale models in polystyrene of the "Marsyas" sculpture by Anish Kapoor.
This was displayed in Tate Modern in 2002 and was 140m long.
Our model was made in 2 halves to wall mount.

(Click on individual Marsyas images to enlarge)

3D Model Replication
We reverse-engineered an existing wooden model of a cartoon character and manufactured an exact replica in Ureol modelboard.
This process can be applied to any model for example models for exhibition displays or advertising and marketing promotions.

(Click on middle Roadrunner image to enlarge)
An exact replica of Road Runner cartoon characterRoad Runner original and replica manufactured by Bakers PatternsThis replica was manufactured from an existing wooden model

Additional examples of models include front spoilers for custom cars, toys, tanks, motorbikes, 20ft heads of computer game characters, the possibilities are endless. Provide as little as a drawing and we will manufacture a 3D replica to your exact requirements.
Upper die of a floor pan draw die pattern being cnc'd.
Upper die of a floor pan draw die pattern being cnc'd from blocks of polystyrene by our Bornemann BW900 CNC milling machine which is fitted with a Bornemann hollow spindle cutting motor.
Typical polystyrene pattern set completed
This is a typical polystyrene pattern set completed ready for shipment. Pattern examples include automotive press tool castings for stamping out vehicle panel components, wings, bonnets, suspension components etc.
4500mm long progression die lower shoemilled from polystyrene
A 4500mm long progression die lower shoe completed by Bakers Patterns for Whistons Industries, England.
Pattern being milled from a solid block of polystyrene on our Bornemann BW900 milling machine
An example of a pattern being milled from a solid block of polystyrene on our Bornemann BW900 CNC milling machine. This machine is ideal for smaller, simple patterns for example:
  • Press Bolster Plates
  • Flat topped die shoes
  • Wheel rim spinning tool patterns

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